An Inexperienced Appliance Buyer's Guide To New Washing Machine Features

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Take a look at the showroom of your local appliance store, and you will see that choosing a new washing machine is nowhere near as simple as it once was. From front-loading designs to stacking washers and dryers, you may find that the amount of choices and features can be overwhelming to sift through to find what you need when it comes to a washer. Understanding some of the newest features will help you to find the best washing machine for your needs

Low-Profile Agitator

One of the more recent changes in washing machines is the low-profile agitator. When you first peer inside a washer and see this, you may get excited by the additional space you would have. While it is true that eliminating the tall agitator from the wash tub makes more space, you really have to be careful with this new capability. Low-profile agitators mean that it is easier to overload your washer. You have to keep in mind that this new design will make load level understanding vital. Overloading this washer could lead to a locked up motor or a tub that slips off of its inner seal.

High-Water Efficiency Capability

It always sounds logical to choose an appliance that is more efficient, but when it comes to a highly water-efficient washer, there are a few things that you should know. High-efficiency means less water and less water can mean a change in how you wash excessively soiled clothing. Tossing in your muddy hiking clothes or food coated kitchen towels in this type of washer will not always be the best idea. The lack of water will mean a lowered dissolving power when it comes to caked on soil and solids. Plus, the solids can become entrapped in the tub, which will inevitably lead to appliance repair. There is no doubt you will enjoy the benefit of less water usage, just be sure you shake off excess soiling before tossing in your items.

Self-Cleaning Function

One feature you will spot on a lot of new washers is a self-cleaning cycle setting. This is especially the case with water efficient models. Unlike your self-cleaning oven, using this function will be less of a choice and more of a mandatory maintenance task to prolong the life of your washer. Keeping the washer running and draining appropriately will require you to use this setting in accordance with your owner's manual. But, in return you will reap the benefits of a highly-functional washing machine that can clean itself without elbow grease on your part.

Before you commit to buying a new washing machine, make sure you take some time to understand some of the more modern features. Doing so will not only help you make the best end decision, but will ensure that you get the most out of your washer without having to deal with appliance repair issues down the road. For helpful information on the longevity of certain brands, contact a company like American Appliance INC.