Troubleshooting A Clothes Dryer That Has A True Appetite For Your Socks

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If you are like most people who are responsible for the laundry in their home, you may crack a joke at some point about your clothes dryer eating the socks, because the mates just seem to disappear somewhere between the wash cycle and folding.  However, if your clothes dryer does seem to truly have a voracious appetite for small laundered clothing articles, you really do have a big problem on your hands. Here are a few signs of a seemingly hungry dryer that is likely in need of appliance repair. 

Symptom: Your socks and other small items are literally disappearing in the dryer. 

Cause and solution: The drum that tosses your clothing around while drying is supported by at least two wheel bearings. If one of these bearings fails, it allows the drum to slip out of place with the slightest weight--even the weight of a small load of laundry. Your small clothing articles will be tossed right out of the drum and into inner motor housing. It is imperative that you get this issue fixed right away, as loose clothing articles around the heater of your dryer can become a fire hazard. 

Symptom: Your clothes come out of the dryer with weird, oily stains and look chewed on. 

Cause and Solution: The first time you spot a sock or pair of underwear with weird stains and holes, you may really think that your dryer has somehow grown a set of teeth. You may even have socks that are almost completely swallowed up at the back of the dryer's drum. However, if you open the dryer door mid-cycle, you will likely see just what is going on. 

The holes that you are finding in your clothing are because they are getting stuck between the backside of the rotating drum and the flat back panel of your appliance. The weird oily stains are usually from the grease inside of this tight space. You will need to have a technician come out and replace the support belt of your dryer, as it is likely overextended or broken. 

If you feel that your socks are beginning to  feed your clothes dryer, the  chances are that you really need a service technician to take a look at your appliance. If your dryer has been extra hungry lately and your socks are paying the price, contact an appliance repair center like Prompt Appliance Services, Inc. for help.