Fridge Leaking Water? 5 Reasons That Could Be Happening

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When you go to open up your fridge, you should not step in a puddle of water. If you find yourself having this problem, something is not working right. There are multiple reasons why your fridge could be leaking water.

1. Loose Water Line

If you have an ice maker or water dispenser that runs to your fridge, you also have a water supply line that runs to it. This water supply line is a very thin tube that connects to your home's primary water supply and diverts the water to the fridge. As such, if the line gets damaged or loose, water may leak out. More than likely, the water will deposit on the floor in front of your unit.

To check this line, take the kick plate off the bottom of your fridge. From there, see if the line fits into the water inlet valve tightly. If not, tighten it up. You will also be able to see if there is damage to the line, in which case you will want to bring in professional repair services.

2. Water Filter

Second, the water filter could have issues. The water filter helps to get rid of any contaminants inside your home's water supply so that they don't impact the water dispenser or ice maker. The filter could be clogged, damaged, or installed wrong.

Check the filter, take it out and reinstall it, or replace it. If you need assistance with any of these tasks, bring in a professional.

3. Damaged Water Inlet Valve

The water inlet valve isn't open all the time. It opens and closes in response to your refrigerator's water demands. If the valve becomes damaged, it will drip water, generally from the back of your unit.

You can check the valve for cracks or damage by pulling your fridge away from the wall and taking off the rear panel of your fridge. That is where the valve is located. If the valve is damaged, bring in a professional to replace it.

4. Drain Pan Issue

Under your fridge is a drain pan that is designed to gather up any residual water from the defrost system, where it is designed to evaporate over time. If the drain pan gets damaged over time, it will need to be replaced.

5. Defrost System

Your refrigerator has a defrost system that helps to move water to the drain pan. This system is located on the backside of your unit. Sometimes, the drain gets clogged and will have to be flushed. Other times, it just malfunctions and has to be replaced.

If water is leaking out of your fridge, one of the above reasons could be the culprit. Some water issues you can fix yourself, and others require you to call in a professional. If you are not sure what to do, you can always call in a professional. They can provide more information regarding appliance repair.