My Refrigerator Is Freezing Everything — What Could Be The Cause?

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Your fridge's role is to remove warmth circulating in the refrigerator and freezer compartments and cool down the food. However, your refrigerator section should cool down the food instead of freezing it. So, if you open the unit and notice that all the bottles are frozen or have icicles, the system has an issue that needs fixing. The following are some of the most common reasons your appliance might be freezing everything inside it and how you can resolve it.

When the Thermostat Is Too High

You should have the right setting on the thermostat, seeing that it is the refrigerator's brain. Therefore, when you set it to a maximum or highest temperature, it will freeze the food. In most cases, people move the thermostat when adding food to the unit. Hence, if you open the door and feel temperatures are not where they need to be, you may move the knob a little each time. Given this, a point will come when the unit gets too cold. Also, note that every fridge has a knob on the thermostat, and the temperature markings might get erased as it ages. With that in mind, you will be operating the fridge by guessing the temperature. If this is the case, turn down the knob and check to see whether the food will thaw. If you do not notice any change, it is time to call the appliance repair expert.

When the Coils Need a Cleaning

The fridge has evaporator coils to collect heat from inside the compartment. When working well, they collect heat from the unit and release it through the refrigerant. However, if they have grime, the fridge overcompensates by running harder and longer. This can lead to overcooling, which creates a freezing problem inside the compartment. Hence, once you get an appliance repair technician, they will check the evaporator coils for signs of grime and debris coating. They will then clean it and restore normal cooling function.

When the Thermostat Is Broken

Sometimes, the settings on the thermostat aren't the problem, but the state of the gadget could be the problem. Note that a functional thermostat alerts the rest of the system to stop functioning when the fridge gets to the desired temperature. However, when it is ineffective, it will not sense when the fridge is cool enough and will keep cooling the food, resulting in freezing.

It is always advisable to call the repair expert when you notice a problem that you cannot resolve with your fridge. In such cases, the appliance repair expert will assess and resolve the issue to prevent a total refrigerator breakdown. They will also enhance the efficiency of the unit's cooling function and prevent excessive energy consumption.

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