Does Your Dishwasher Emit An Odd Smell? 3 Things That May Be Causing It

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Opening one's dishwasher and noticing an odd smell is not uncommon. However, without sufficient information, you may blame the dishwasher product you're using, but this is often not the root cause. Notably, over years of continued use, leftover food particles build up in your appliance's filter, and if you don't clean it regularly, it smells. This article expounds on various factors that could be behind your foul-smelling machine.

Excessive Dirt Accumulation on the Filter

When an unusual smell hits you upon opening the dishwasher, one key thing to inspect is the accumulation of dirt on the filter. If it has been a long time since you last cleaned this component, the buildup of food waste is the likely cause of the foul odor. In addition to causing a foul smell, clogged filters tend to re-circulate dirty water, causing your appliance not to clean properly. Fortunately, cleaning the filter is straightforward. You only need to locate it (usually under the low spray arm or the dishwasher tub), unscrew it, rinse it with hot water, and then return the component to your machine.

A Damaged Drain Hose

Dishwashers have a drain hose that helps to empty food particles and dirty water under the sink's disposal unit. If this dishwasher section malfunctions, your machine will likely produce a bad smell. Nonetheless, to verify whether this is the cause of your problem, push your machine slightly away from the wall and inspect for bends or other issues that may result in the improper flow of materials. If you find that it has extensive damage and cannot straighten properly, contact your dishwasher repair expert to inspect and replace it.

Your Machine Was Not Installed Professionally

When installing your appliance, it's advisable to seek professional dishwashing machine services. This is because if you don't, you're likely to make errors, such as improper hose installation, that may cause wash water to flow back to the machine. Once this happens, the water remains at the bottom of the tub and starts to stink over time. Significantly, if you have a new dishwasher and notice an unusual smell, a DIY installation could be the cause.

With the food particles your dishwasher is constantly exposed to, the appliance may pick up unwanted odors over the years. However, at the first sign of this problem, seek the help of a knowledgeable appliance service expert to help you examine whether the issues mentioned above could be the culprit.

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