Answering Top Troubleshooting Questions Concernng Front-Loading Washing Machines

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If you are looking for more efficiency and quiet operation, it is no secret that the modern front-loading washing machine is a great appliance to add to your home. Even though this washer type does boast benefits that go far beyond outdated washer models, it is not immune to problems that can lead to a need for appliance repair. If you own a front-loading machine, it is important that you have the ability to recognize problems and how they should be addressed. Here are a few of the top troubleshooting questions about front-loading washer models.

Why is there water leaking around the door of the washer?

This is perhaps the most common problem that can arise with front-loading washing machines. Thankfully, it is usually an easy fix, but will require the rubber seal around the opening of the door to be replaced. This looks like a simple task, but will require careful precision to make sure the new seal is not damaged during installation and is appropriately seated to prevent further leakage. If the seal is in good shape without signs of wear or overt flexibility, you should also check to make sure the door has not come loose from its hinges and is closing tightly.

What would cause the clothing to come out of the washer still dirty?

Because of the fact that the front-loading washer does not use a great deal of water, it will not remove heavy soil and material such as caked-on mud the same in a lot of cases.

However, if you are consistently seeing clothes come out of the washer unclean, there could be a major issue going on. Typically, this will mean there is not enough water being distributed through the washer during wash cycles, which can be a sign that the basket where water runs in is clogged. You can try running your washer through its basket clean setting, but if this does not work, professional attention from a company like Master Tech Mechanical will be necessary.

Why is the digital panel not showing power?

One of the more modern features of the front-loader is its digital panel where settings can be selected. This is incredibly convenient, but creates an opportunity for a problem if something goes wrong. If your washer is plugged in and powered on, but you have no power to the digital panel, it could be due to a faulty circuit board. Replacement will need to be tackled by a professional.

The front-load washing machine is an amazing piece of equipment that will make you look at laundry to a new level. Make sure when you own one, you get to know some of the more common issues so you can keep your washer running as long as possible.