Help Your Microwave Last Longer With These Strategies

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If you're the type of person who has a family that relies on the speed and convenience of the microwave several times per day, the last thing you want to do is find out that it has died prematurely. While you can drop the microwave off at your local appliance repair service to have the problem fixed, it's also ideal to take some steps that will decrease the likelihood that this vital appliance will suffer a breakdown. Get your family involved in adhering to these steps and you'll be less likely to suffer the inconvenience of a broken-down microwave.

Keep Any Metal Items Out

It's easy enough to inadvertently leave a spoon or fork in the bowl or container that you're heating in the microwave, but this seemingly innocent slip-up can be detrimental to the lifespan of this appliance. Microwaves and metal objects do not mix — and you'll likely see a series of sparks shooting around inside the microwave that quickly serve notice of the mistake you've made. When the microwave's heat waves hit your metal utensil, they will bounce off it instead of be absorbed in the same manner as food. With nowhere to go, these excess heat waves can end up actually overheating the microwave and causing serious damage.

Watch The Food That You Cook

Setting some food to cook in the microwave and then walking away can be detrimental to the lifespan of your appliance. If the food heats more quickly than you anticipated, it will often boil over or even explode. The result can be that the food will clog the small vents located inside the microwave. Over time, a buildup of food blocking these vents can lead to overheating issues and the need to call your local appliance repair service. Instead of setting something that you're heating up for five minutes, for example, it's better to set the microwave timer to shorter intervals and stir the food regularly. This will allow the heat in the center to dissipate and prevent an explosion that clogs the vents.

Wipe Down Any Messes Right Away

Another key tip for prolonging the life of your microwave is to promptly clean any messes that you make. Even if you're careful about using the microwave, the reality is that you'll occasionally deal with an explosion. While this is a concern, you can overcome it by immediately getting a damp rag and wiping down the inside of the unit to remove any food residue that could clog the vent upon hardening.

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